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The German innovation center for industry 4.0 is among the first and leading training and consulting companies in the area of the digital transformation.

Industry 4.0 and now what?

Big Data, IoT, Data Mining, Cloud and other technologies are hidden behind the term industry 4.0 and make the topic extremely complex. Take a look at our portal for more helpful information on the topic.

Four. Point. What?

Much is written and discussed about industry 4.0. New future scenarios are constructed and communicated daily. Throughout this we have come to realize that not everybody is in complete agreement regarding what industry 4.0 actually entails. A way to overcome typical industry 4.0 misunderstandings is to identify what industry 4.0 is not. With a short video, we would like to help you develop a clear understanding of industry 4.0.

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We support you in the preparation and execution of industry 4.0 projects
Industry 4.0 Training

The digitalization and industry 4.0 driver license – the first systematic and practice-oriented industry 4.0 training.

Industry 4.0 Consultancy

As industry 4.0 experts, with know-how on both technical as well as methodological levels, we offer consultancy services in three areas.

Industry 4.0 Lectures
Keynote speeches
Networking, exchange and discourse are the basis for the digital transformation. Thus we support conferences, trade fairs and events with our speakers from the German Innovation Center for Industry 4.0

What our customers say about us!

An excerpt from our national and international customer voices regarding the digitalization and industry 4.0 driver license
“Digitalization and industry 4.0 driver license – concentrated knowledge transfer for the hitherto largest challenge to our economy and society – the digital revolution.”
Hubbert Henning.png
Henning Hubbert
“The workshop provides participants with a very good and compact overview of the topic of industry 4.0 and digitalization. The stimulating discussions as well as the relevant practical examples complete this excellent workshop.”
Frick Matthias.png
Matthias Frick
“In industry 4.0 it isn’t important how big the first step is, but rather in which direction it is taken. The workshop by the German innovation center smooths first steps.”
Moll Roman.png
Roman Moll
“With our industry 4.0 initiative, we trust in the knowledge of the Innovation Center for Industry 4.0 as a strong partner. It is the only supplier known to us in the market to provide training courses for industry 4.0 in a schematic and structured manner.
During and shortly after the three-part training, we have already implemented simple digitization solutions, which shows that one can also approach the topic quickly with small steps.”
Alexander Tremmel
Alexander Tremmel
"I would like to highlight the fact that the driver licence provides an independent and comprehensive picture of digitalization in the industry. I believe it’s very important for companies to understand the opportunities and challenges of digitalization in order to become better buyers of IT services."
DSCF6188 frilagd.jpg
Magnus Mörstam

“Digitalization and industry 4.0 driver license – concentrated knowledge transfer for the hitherto largest challenge to our economy and society – the digital revolution.”

Schwarz Klaus.png
Klaus Schwarz

“Mr Philipp Ramin presented on Ericsson Estonia Innovation Day ‘Intellect & Artificial intelligence’ 8th of June 2017 topic ‘Industry 4.0’. His enthusiastic speech opened the IoT, 5G and all other Industry 4.0 related issues.
He inspired and encouraged audience to continue with innovative ideas and activities to adapt new industrial realities. Our 260 listeners were engaged into very concise presentation. Thank you for exiting presentation!”

“The combination of both professional content and practical examples offers the participants a very good overall view on the subject of industry 4.0.
With the help of the developed technology matrix, the relationships between the individual topics can be well understood. This helped us very much for the first project approaches.”
Markus Giersch
Markus Giersch

About us

The German innovation center for industry 4.0 is among the first and leading training and consultancy companies in the area of digital transformation. With offices in six countries we are globally active and mandate an international network of industry and strategy experts.

With our innovative training concept and our industry 4.0 consultancy services we prepare SMEs for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution and support them in the development of digital business models.

Do you require more information about our training? Take a look at the course overview.

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